Sturt FC


Sturt Football Club

Terms & Conditions effective from March 1, 2022

  1. Ticket sales commence for the first Sturt Football Club Split 50-50 Raffle in March 2022 and then once drawn, the Sturt FC will determine when its next raffle begins prior to their next home game.
  2. Ticket sales close for the SFC Split 50-50 Raffles in aid of their Talent Pathway Program prior to the Senior presentations conducted in their licensed premises at their home games during the 2022 season.
  3. One prize will be awarded which will be 50% of the total dollar value of sales in the allotted time-frame.
  4. Ticket holders do not need to be in attendance at the time of the draw to be eligible to win.
  5. The maximum tickets offered will be the amount able to be sold in the allotted time frame, to a maximum of $10,000 however SFC in conjunction with Split 50-50 may set a smaller prize pool which is clearly defined at time of a ticket purchase. This conforms to the Minor Lottery Conditions of the South Australian Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008.
  6. Tickets are available for purchase online only In bundles of 3 tickets for $5, or 10 for $10, or 40 for $20, or 125 for $50 or 300 for $100. 
  7. Tickets will be allocated by encrypted text message to the purchaser’s mobile phone number and will include the number of tickets they have purchased, and a URL to a web address that shows the current prize pool and their alpha-numeric encrypted tickets. (Opening this link at any subsequent time will provide the purchaser the live prize pool which increases as tickets are sold)
  8. Tickets can be purchased online from the Split 50-50 linked website or by scanning the unique SFC Split 50-50 QR code on display throughout Wigan (Unley) Oval, licensed premises and amenities.
  9. Prize POOL, DRAW DATE & TIME is clearly identified at the time of ticket sale and can be viewed on the URL
  10. The draw will be conducted remotely using an accredited Random Number Generator (RNG) system. All eligible tickets will be included in the prize draw.
  11. Each ticket has an equal chance of winning the major prize.
  12. Split 50-50 is not responsible for unforeseen technical difficulties with the ordering process and does not warrant that the ordering process will be available at all times.
  13. The winner will be notified automatically at the time of the draw via an encrypted text message sent by Split 50-50. Prize must be accepted as awarded. It is the responsibility of the prize-winner to claim his/her prize once notified by Split 50-50.
  14. The prize will be awarded to the person whose ticket is verified as the winning ticket. A follow up phone call to the prize-winner will occur within 30 minutes of the draw. Prize notification text, phone call and email or letter is addressed to the primary ticket holder. It is the responsibility of the primary ticket holder to allocate the prize if necessary.
  15. The winner will have three months from the draw date to claim their prize. In the event that a prize remains unclaimed after three months, the benefiting organisation will make additional attempts to contact that winner to ensure they are aware they have won the prize. After all attempts to contact the winner have been exhausted, the organisation will present the unclaimed prize to the office of Consumer and Business Services and request sanction to use that prize for further fundraising endeavours within the organisation.
  16. The winning ticket number will be displayed on the URL when the draw is completed. Further details of the winner will be published on the Split 50-50 website and via SFC social media. The Ticket purchaser may request to have their name excluded from publication by contacting Sturt FC or Split 50-50.
  17. All requests for refunds will be honoured within the time frame of the raffle, and the corresponding ticket will not be included in the prize draw.
  18. Privacy Statement: In accordance with South Australian Lottery and Gaming Regulations 2008, Split 50-50 Pty. Ltd. ensures that a record of all tickets sold in a raffle is kept securely for auditing purposes as required by law. The winner is verified and their name published to satisfy these regulations.

Split 50-50 Pty. Ltd. does NOT disclose personal information about you (i.e. entrants in a raffle) to other organisations or third parties unless you personally choose to OPT IN to receive information from an identified organisation. We understand that people are very concerned about their privacy and as such wish to respect and protect it.